Welcome to Zejtun Parish website. You who are visiting the web site of our parish for the first time, we are very pleased to welcome you and consider you as one of our friends, and you who visit frequently this web site we now count you as one of our parishioners. We hope that you will find it interesting and keep on visiting us. We would like to be of service to you, and with this specific aim we have build this web site. Besides we are eager to make our parish more known and share our riches and information with you all.

Zejtun is one of the oldest parishes of the diocese of Malta. We find Bishop Senatore De Mello in 1436 who already mentions our parish and that means that it was erected a number of years before. Though our origins date back centuries, we are still young in spirit. This is because we have the Good News at the basis of our community. Therefore while we hope that you enjoy what we are presenting we would like you to become much more familiar with our christian heritage.

God Bless

Fr Eric Overend Archpriest



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