Volunteers needed

With a Parish like Zejtun, with almost 12,000 people and 4,000 households volunteers within the Parish will never be enough.

So if you wish to share your talents which God gave you, if you wish to make new friends or socialise with people who have the same interest as you the Parish gives you the opportunities in various fields and skills.  

Do speak to the Archpriest and see were you could fit better.

We need urgent volunteers for:

            1.  Parish Office Reception 

            2.  Parish Office Administrative work 

            3.  Environmental Initiatives

            4.  Drug Prevention

            5.  Bereavement

            6.  Social Work

           7.   Catechism

           8.   Church maintenance (Skilled and Semi-skilled) 

Please do call on 21694563 and offer your service.

Alla Mieghek

Alla jridna naghmlu esperjenza prattika tal-fatt li Hu l-Missier taghna. Hu jmantnina tul hajjitna kollha. Iridna mimlija b’frott tal-Ispirtu tieghu.