Parish Office

The Zejtun Parish Office is at 2 St Gregory Street, Zejtun. That is, on the right hand side of the Parrochial Centre at street level. Nearest parking is at December 13 Square, which is at the rear of the Parish Church.

It is open for public service as follows:


1630hrs – 1900hrs
0900hrs –1200hrs
1630hrs – 1900hrs
0900hrs –1200hrs
1630hrs – 1900hrs
0900hrs –1200hrs
1630hrs – 1900hrs


Telephone Numbers: 21694563, 21804273 & 21821801




Services offered at Parish Office are:
  • Spiritual, Moral and Social Counselling
  • Parish Events Bookings
  • Birth, Confirmation, Marriage, Death and God ParentsCertificates
  • Archives research (By appointment and subject to approval)
  • Social Assistance
  • Baptisim and Weddings bookings
  • Other Administrative matters.

Archpriest is normally present on Mondays afternoon, Tuesday , Wednesday afternoon and Friday Afternoon.

Vice-Archpriest is normally present on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday.
Other times services administered by laymen only are available.

Alla Mieghek

Alla jridna naghmlu esperjenza prattika tal-fatt li Hu l-Missier taghna. Hu jmantnina tul hajjitna kollha. Iridna mimlija b’frott tal-Ispirtu tieghu.